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Terms and Conditions

1. Physical Vouchers expire 5 years after issue, e-Vouchers expire after 3 years of issue.

2. Gift vouchers can not be exchanged for cash.

3. Vouchers may be exchanged for meals and beverages of a higher value, on payment of the difference.

4. Gift vouchers will be subject to verification at time of presentation and must be presented to redeem.

5. Gift vouchers defaced in any way will be deemed invalid.

6. Gift vouchers will not be reissued if lost; unless loss is direct cause of the company.

7. A gift voucher is not a guarantee of a reservation. Reservations are subject to availability, at our discretion.      .

8. Vouchers can only be used for a single transaction; any remaining amount is not exchangeable for cash or another gift voucher and will be automatically forfeited.

9. We reserve the right to vary these terms & conditions within reason periodically.

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