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Large Group Booking

Rustlers for Great Ribs/Steak/Burgers and More!

When it comes to great food like a beautiful cut of steak or a rack of rib barbecued to perfection, there is a noticeable difference between good and great. It is the kind of difference that great ribs/steak/burgers and more can make for a large group booking, and yes, Rustlers does large group booking too.


There is more to having a good meal than good food, like good company, but it is the most important part of a pleasant lunch, a great dinner, or a successful party. Rustlers Steakhouse & Grill offers a wonderful atmosphere that is noted for being family-friendly. We have a great selection of adult beverages for Mum and Dad, and great food is simply our calling card. For a good meal, a quick lunch, or just a drink to end the workday, stop in for the food and drink and hang out for a little while for the experience.


Let us show you why we won the 2019 Gold Plates Award in the family dining category, and why our food is the beginning of a wonderful afternoon lunch or dinner with the family. At Rustlers Steakhouse & Grill it always starts with great food but the experience is about so much more, and that includes you.

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