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Family Restaurant Albany

Looking for a Good and Affordable Family Restaurant?

Finding something that little Bobby will eat, that image-conscience Sally will agree to, and that the parental units will enjoy (and we haven't even asked if the grandparents are coming), can be a job. That is why, for a family restaurant Albany families can go to and find something for everyone, they go to Rustlers. We are Rustlers Steakhouse & Grill and we are Albany's affordable family restaurant.


Don't worry about the youngest, we have a kids menu for them. And for the picky, we have a wide selection of choices from beef and steak, to chicken, fish, pork and more. All of our cuts are also of the highest quality. Did we mention yet that all of our desserts are also made on-site, so they are always fresh? They are!


If you are looking for a place to take everyone, young or old and for every taste and preference, let us help. Bring the crew by for lunch or celebrate the son's or daughter's birthday with good people, good food, and Rustlers Steakhouse & Grill.


Sometimes though, it isn't about family, it is about a moment of sanity after a long day at work. That's okay too. Come by our Upstairs and look over our selection of local wines or choose something from our adult beverage list. Then sit in the peace of the Upstairs lobby above the restaurant, and take a few minutes to unwind. As we said, we are a steakhouse and grill, but we are also so much more.


We don't want to brag, but not only are we an affordable family restaurant we are also an award-winning family restaurant. For a family restaurant, Albany folks can rely on for a great meal and a price that won't cost Bobby or Sally's college tuition, come visit us at Rustlers. Come hungry, leave full, and at a price that will leave you happy.

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