• All bookings under 10 patrons come with a strict 2 hr seating time – if you would like a longer staying time please speak to the staff (at least 24 hours before your booking time)

  • If you are 15 minutes late with not courtesy call to the restaurant, your booking will be canceled and your table will be given away.

  • Bookings are not required – but they are strongly recommended to avoid disappointment as Rustlers is very busy most nights.

  • If you use our Sites and Services, you will receive communication via electronic messages, including email, text message/SMS, or mobile push notifications in accordance with Rustlers Steakhouse and Grill's privacy policy. If you would prefer no future correspondence from the information you have provided, please contact the venue in which you made the reservation to have your information removed from their database. •   

  • Electronic messages, including email, text message/SMS, or mobile push notifications will not apply when registering guests at your table through Service WA or Safe WA apps in accordance with current privacy laws surrounding COVID-19, unless already previously subscribe to such Services.

  • Any special requests made will be catered for by the venue as best as possible where possible.

  • On Fridays, Saturdays, and busy times of the year (i.e. long weekends, school holidays, New Year’s Eve), tables of 9 or more may be asked for a pre-authorisation of a credit card to secure your table. Failing to provide pre-authorisation in a timely manner will result in your booking been cancelled.  The value of the pre-authorisation will be at $10 per person and will only be charged to the credit card if: 

o    your table fails to show for the reservation, 

o    you cancel your reservation with less than 24 hours’ notice, 

o    any or all guests of the table are more than 15 minutes late for the appointed booking time, or

o    failure to notify the restaurant of a reduction of guest numbers, less than 12 hours before the appointed booking time.

  • As a courtesy you agree to contact the restaurant if you have any changes, updates or need to cancel your reservation.


**Entry to Patrons**

  • If you have been in a region in the period of an outbreak, and it has subsequently resulted in a lock down OR any State restrictions apply to your situation, you must follow the applicable guidelines. If you do not, the restaurant holds the right to refuse entry and you must leave when instructed to.

  • Everyone has an obligation to stay at home whilst suffering from ANY symptoms such as fever or coughing. We have the right to refuse service or entry and insist that anyone with these symptoms leave the premises

  • Take note of all signage in reference to requirements in all hospitality venues and abide by them.

  • Please make sure you have all relevant documentation to be able to enter all hospitality venues for inspection upon entering.

  • While waiting to be seated please observe physical distancing or wait outside the restaurant.

  • All patrons/visitors/suppliers over the age of 16 MUST register themselves through the Safe WA app or Service WA app along with Vaccination Certificate (and appropriate ID where needed), at the front counter, before progressing further into the restaurant. Evidence must be produced upon request from staff/management with no complaint, argument, or aggressive behaviour.

  • It is a requirement that all patrons MUST sanitise their hands before entering the restaurant.

  • Visitors to the restaurant acknowledge that they may be asked to wait, or be refused entry, to the restaurant if the site has reached its total capacity as specified under any changes issued from WA Department of Health.

  • Visitors/patrons acknowledge the rights of Rustlers Steakhouse and Grill to refuse entry or request the departure of patrons from our site at any time, and for any lawful reason. When so asked, patrons are advised to do so promptly and respectfully to the staff.  Patrons have the right to dispute what they may believe to be unfair treatment, in writing and emailed to contact@rustlers.com.au and agree not to take issue with the staff/management at the time of refusal/departure.

  • Accidents happen from time to time. Both staff and patrons will be excused for minor breakages and general mess. Patrons acknowledge that breakages of significant value and/or any intentional damage can and will be charged to the patrons’ bill.

  • Please, always treat our staff and other patrons with respect. Should you disagree with any government mandates, you can take your issues to:

*Albany’s State Government Representative – Rebecca Stephens
0898 418799 or Rebecca.stephens@mp.wa.gov.au*


**While at Rustlers Steakhouse and Grill**


  • If you have not got a mask, Rustlers Steakhouse will provided you with one. Masks are to be worn whenever you move around the restaurant but can be removed while sitting down at the table.

  • At all times, maintain physical distancing measures (as per WA health guidelines) with respect to other visitors and staff

  • All patrons and staff are expected to maintain excellent personal hygiene while dining in Rustlers Steakhouse and Grill – as per WA Health Guidelines.

  • Maintain good respiratory hygiene by coughing or sneezing into their elbow or a tissue, and then disposing of the tissues immediately.

  • Your reservation will be allocated to the best available table at the time of your reservation.  Requests for certain tables/locations in the restaurant will be attempted but it can never be a guarantee. 

  • Most importantly please come in and have a fantastic Rustlers Experience