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Restaurants Albany

Rustlers Steakhouse & Grill: An Award Winning Restaurant

Rustlers Steakhouse & Grill is a restaurant Albany folks are happy to have nearby. It is amazing to think that this restaurant has been a  finalist for the AHAWA Awards of Excellence consistently, and that is a constant finalist in the Gold Plate Award competition - along with being the winner of 2019 Gold Plate for Family Dining. How many small country towns can claim to have an award winning restaurant?


The nice people of Albany can, and this is one restaurant Albany folks are proud to claim. There is also a reason that Rustlers is an award winning restaurant, and why they are a must-visit spot for anyone visiting Albany. It could be the exceptional Quality of Meat sourced from Dardanup Butchering Company  that sets them apart. The food is almost legendary, or it could be a family-friendly atmosphere. Maybe it is the incredible selection of Great Southern Wines, huge range of Local and International Beer and Spirits, and an assortment of Whatever it is, there is something for everyone to love, and something amazing for everyone to eat at Rustlers.


Try one of our incredible tastes from our local wine selection or take a sinful dip in one of our desserts, all of which are hand made on-sight. Don't worry though, because Rustlers is also family and kid-friendly. As a matter of fact, that Gold Plate award just happened to be in the category of family dining!


If you live in Albany and haven't stopped in to find out what all the buzz is about, we are close and we invite you to stop in today. If you are planning on visiting the area, you don't want to miss Albany's award-winning restaurant, that us! Contact us with any questions and don't hesitate to ask about any special requests like kids menus.


We are Rustlers, and we have been Albany's Australian style steakhouse & grill for more than twenty years now, and we keep getting better. Come join us for lunch or dinner and discover the award-winning Rustlers experience.

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